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Right to Care signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mpumalanga Department of Health and Social Services in November 2005, in terms of which it supports five accredited sites in that province. These are Shongwe, Tonga, Embhuleni, Evander, and Bethal. Right to care supports five down referral clinics in the area, namely Driekoppies, Mayflower, Lebohang,  Low's creek.


The site is less than 10km from the border with Swaziland on the western side of the Nkomazi River. Right to Care is supporting the CCMT-accredited Shongwe Hospital with two doctors, pharmacist, data manager, five data capturers, five lay counsellors, admin clerk, and primary health care skills trainer in response to the call for primary healthcare nurses initiating antiretroviral treatment. The site has over 5000 patients in HIV treatment and care.  


Tonga is on the eastern side of Nkomazi near the border gate of Mozambique. It enjoys the same training offered to Shongwe and has over 3000 patients in ARV treatment and care. Among staff members that Right to Care has seconded to this site are two doctors, assistant pharmacist, data manager, social worker, admin clerk, and three lay counsellors. The site has a 16 feeder clinics and a down-referral process is underway.


This site, in the Gert Sibande district, was accredited in 2004. It has just over 1700 patients on antiretroviral treatment and serves patients from two surrounding prisons, two local clinics and a small town 45km away. Right to Care began supporting this site in 2008, with a medical doctor, social worker, pharmacist, data manager, admin clerk, dietician and three lay counsellors. The emphasis is on supporting TB-HIV collaboration and adherence. A down-referral structure is being implemented. The site has over 1800 patients in HIV treatment and care.


The Embhuleni hospital is near a small town of the same name where there are mineral baths and a holiday resort. The site, which serves a huge population and over 15 feeder clinics scattered around the area, was accredited in 2004 as a rollout site. It enjoys the same training offered to the other sites supported by Right to Care. The site has over 2500 patients on treatment, including children. Like other sites, it faces challenges of human resources, infrastructure, data management and training. Right to Care began supporting this site in 2008 with a medical doctor, dietician, data manager, data capturer, an enrolled nurse, admin clerk and three lay counsellors supporting TB-HIV collaboration. 


This site was started in 2008 and is estimated to be serving a population of about 75 000 in the Govan Mbeki municipality. It has over 2600 patients on treatment and has 10 feeder clinics referring patients. Right to Care has seconded medical doctor, pharmacist, dietician, twp lay counsellors to this site to support TB-HIV collaboration, and is in the process of recruiting a medical doctor, pharmacist and a dietician. Evander is down-referring to another Right to Care supported clinic Lebohang.


Mangweni is a Community Health Centre situated on the east of Nkomazi sub-district, right in the heart of Mangweni trust. The centre serves a community of over 50 000. There are five clinics referring patients to the health centre. The clinic also works with Home Based Carers’ involved in managing TB and ART adherence. The centre operates 24 hour, providing primary health care services, HCT (HIV counselling and testing), STI, HIV/TB collaboration management, PMTCT, ARV services and adherence counselling among others. Right to Care began supporting the site in October 2008, with medical equipment and human resources.
The site was accredited in December 2008.
The centre has over 600 patients in care and support.


Mzinti is an 8 hour clinic situated 99 km east of Nelspruit towards the KaMhlushwa Township. The area is very tropical and very warm in summer. Shongwe hospital has been referring patient to the clinic since December 2007. Services provided by the site include HCT (HIV counselling and testing), STI and TB management, HIV/TB collaboration, PMTCT, Family Planning, and adherence counselling. Right to Care's support began in 2008 with human resources, supplementary training and medical equipment. The clinic was accredited as  CCMT in August 2008. The clinic has over 1200 patients in care and support.