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To increase community mobilisation towards HIV testing, Right to Care has created the Proudly Tested™ brand and all Right to Care counselling and testing programmes are now clustered under this name.

The purpose of the brand is to further educate and encourage all sexually active South Africans to know their HIV status. Proudly Tested empowers individuals by providing information about HIV and AIDS and facilitate access to high quality HIV testing services. The brand is marketed to generate interest and motivation among individuals to get tested, to destigmatise HIV by visible HIV testing of key sports people, community leaders, business leaders and politicians.

Provider-initiated counselling and testing is offered at sites supported by Right to Care. Furthermore, to extend HIV testing to unemployed and low-income groups, Right To Care has introduced an HIV counselling and testing programme called Proudly Tested.

The goal of Right to Care’s counselling and testing programme is to increase the number of people who test for HIV, so that positive patients may access treatment, care, and support, leading to a reduction in the transmission of HIV. The programme also encourages pre-HAART patients to participate in a wellness programme in order to prevent loss to initiation onto ART. Those who test negative for HIV are encouraged to remain HIV negative through abstinence, being faithful, and using condoms.